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About Us

First Door Bazar as a brand name in web based shopping home delivery service has built up a reputation of the most trusted service provider for the residents of India. First Door Bazar is online Grocery, vegetables, fruits, household items, personal care products and anything needed in a household on day to day basis. Products sold here are straight from the Farmers,Manufacturer and Distributor's  which means no more middlemen or multipliers to create false inflation. We guarantee to deliver best quality stuff at reasonable price and discount with fast and timely home delivery. We are sure for giving new things as our experts handpick the things from neighboring 'Mandi', 'Farms' and 'Manufacturer'.

Initiative of ideas 

What the situation of our traditional shopping…

In traditional shopping you are moving from one shop to another searching for stuff, asking and bargaining for better prices  and sorting from the lot to find better quality. Even the shopkeeper is also forcing to take more quantity than you requested to round off the payment. After shopping, carrying a bag which is almost have  weight and proceed towards jam packed parking place where the car or bike was parked earlier, paying the parking fee and finally facing heavy traffic of the city for reaching home. By giving all those efforts, time and money sometimes you may not happy with the quality of stuff. 

At present, things have been changed a great deal, the new age clients are time poor, calculative, service-oriented, technically knowledgeable and quality conscious. So investigating this change in consumer behavior, we thought about making a market where those issues are not tended earlier and give our best attempts for an answer. Thus, “Fresh Door Bazar” developed to serve you.

Why First Door Bazar 

            Best Price Guaranteed

            Free Home Delivery
             No need to sort from the lot
             Hassle-free Shopping
             We don’t just deliver, we deliver freshness
             Assured next day delivery & Same-day Delivery if ordered before 10 AM:
             100% refund if not satisfactory 
             Multi-mode Payment Options


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